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大师说 | 给自由动画师的5条小贴士

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Starting your own business can be tough. As a freelance animator, you need to juggle between being an artist, an accountant, a marketer, and a decent human being all at the same time! It can be hard to find time when everything around us is calling for our attention.



Here are 5 tips on how to organize your life as a freelance animator to help you gain more time in the day:


· Set a Time for Social Media and E-Mail; Automate Where Possible


ⅰ. I spend one hour each morning, and 30 minutes in the evening to respond to e-mail and update my social media networks.

① 我每天早上花一个小时,晚上花半个小时在社交网络上,用于收发信息和更新状态。

ⅱ. Turn off notifications when working to avoid that Pavlov’s Dog reaction of checking messages!

② 关闭通知功能,以免在接收信息时出现条件反射的紧张状态。

ⅲ. Automate your follow-up emails with Boomerang for Gmail. Great for keeping in touch with studios and clients without having to be at your computer!

③ 设置邮件自动回复,可以在离线状态时保持和工作室或客户的联系。

· Create a Work Cycle


ⅰ. Have a set time of full concentration on work, followed by a break spent not thinking about anything work related. This will help your creativity and productivity more than anything else. 45 minutes of concentrated work, followed by 15 minutes of play is a good ratio, but find what works for you.

① 设置好全力投入工作的时间段以及完全放松的时间段,该投入就投入,该放松就放松。这样有助于激发创造性,提高工作效率。比如将一小时分割成45分钟全力工作,15分钟放松休息,你可以按照自己情况调整。

ⅱ. Make sure you are tracking your time as well so you know how long a project takes you. This will help you price projects in the future.

② 跟进自己的工作进度,这样有助于为项目定价。

· Keep Updated Spreadsheets of Expenses and Income


ⅰ. I use Google Docs so I can update my income and expenses wherever there is an internet connection. I try to spend one day each month to update my bookkeeping. Keep one spreadsheet for income, business expenses, and donations, and start new ones for each new year.

① 我个人用Google Docs来在线记录收支明细,每月花一天时间更新账单。收入、商业开支、捐款要分别记录,每年账目分开。

ⅱ. This will not only help you track your income and losses, but it will make it so much easier when filing your taxes. Make sure to keep all your receipts, or scan them with a phone app!

② 这样做不但可以追踪款项去向,还有利于报税。一定要保存好所有单据,必要时可以用手机APP扫描成电子版。

· Have a Daily Schedule


ⅰ. Keep a to-do list of 5 or 10 things that you MUST do every day. Some examples could be to reach out to 10 potentially new clients, keep in touch with 5 old clients, share 3 articles on Facebook, or post a new video on Instagram.

① 创建一份事项单,列出每天必做的5-10件事。比如向10位潜在客户推销自己的作品,与5位长期合作的客户保持联系,在社交网站上分享3篇文章,po一段视频等等。

ⅱ. When you’ve finished your list, put an X on your calendar. After weeks of doing this, you can look back and feel proud of all those X’s covering your days. Your business is guaranteed to grow if you work everyday to expand your circle of influence.

② 完成列出的常规事项后,你可以在日历中打个X,圆满完成这一天,还可以返回去看看之前的一堆X,充满成就感有木有?如果每天都能适当扩大自己的人脉圈,哪有接不到的单子,哪有做不大的生意?

· Make your Workspace ‘Zen’


A. Spend 3 minutes after work to clean and organize your workspace, so when you come back to it in a mad rush to complete a deadline it will be ready for you to start working! Having a clean workspace will also help you to concentrate and feel less stressed.

① 工作完成后请花3分钟时间把工作室打扫干净,这样一来,当你某天冲回来赶稿子的时候就可以轻松上阵了!一个干净的工作环境还有利于集中注意力,缓解压力。

B. Bring nature inside. Have plants and sunshine wherever possible around your work area. Surround yourself with inspiration with artwork, tutorials, and quotes. Having a workspace you are excited to go to and work at will not only help make work a joy, but will keep you inspired and motivated to keep learning and get better at your craft.

② 把大自然搬进工作室里(此处应该响起农夫山泉的广告独白……)。尽可能在工作室中增添阳光和绿意,让自己浸淫在灵感中,在艺术作品、教程和名人名言的包围中。这样一个激发你工作热情的工作室会让工作变成乐趣,还能激发灵感和动力,让你工作起来更加得心应手。


Hopefully these few tips will help you to get more done during the day, so that once the day is done you can feel proud of the work you’ve accomplished and not have to worry or think about working when you’re with your family and friends. Because at the end of the day, the only thing that matters in life is our relationships with the people we love. Let’s work hard so we can be present for them and give back all the love they give us!


What productivity or organizational tips do you have that have worked for you? Share them in the comments below! And share these tips with anyone you know that is having trouble keeping organized!


This is a guest post by animator Jesse Jones. Jesse has been a professional CG Animator and Illustrator in Portland Oregon for over 6 years. He loves to create cute cartoons, and has had the honor to work with several extraordinary companies such as Disney, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Nabisco, and NBC. Check out his Animation Portfolio at: http://www.JesseJayJones.com

作者简介:本文来自资深动画师Jesse Jones,在CG动画领域和插画界从业6年有余,擅长制作可爱的卡通形象,曾与诸多业界大牌公司合作,如迪士尼、可口可乐、微软、纳贝斯克、NBC等。有兴趣的童鞋可以去他的官网:http://www.JesseJayJones.com看demo reel哦~

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